Linda L. Wagner

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Fighting for women’s rights and social justice have always been my passion, but I can’t say I learned political and community activism at home. When I was a stay-at-home parent living in the suburbs, it became vital to find a place to discuss liberal politics and take action. This led me to a National Organization for Women (NOW) chapter, and soon after I served as president. I then became involved with the Pro-Choice Action Committee, which organized marches and rallies, and defended clinics. From there, I then joined the Women’s Action Coalition (WAC), a radical, feminist, street action group dedicated to patriarchal demolition.

When I was elected president of the NOW chapter, I had to tell my parents for fear they would read about it in the local paper. My mom’s response was, “Can’t you work on something important like O’hare noise?” When I saw the job opening at CFW, it felt like a great place to combine my passion and work. It was like coming home.