Emily Dreke

Vice President of Development and Communications

I’ve always been energized by my work at CFW, but over the past year, CFW’s mission to invest in women and girls as catalysts to build strong communities for all has taken on a deeper level of meaning for me and my family. I feel so fortunate that I get to wake up each day and put forward my strengths to take action for women and girls. Through my work at CFW, I have the honor of working with visionary investors and communicators who share a passion for women’s rights, and I partner with them to take meaningful and transformational actions – with their time, talent and treasure – to advance gender equity in Chicago. I also have the privilege to lead a passionate, intelligent and fun team here at CFW. They leverage their diversity and unique talents to take action each day in service to the health, safety and economic security for women and girls. Before coming to Chicago Foundation for Women, the majority of my career was in progressive, political fundraising. It feels right that I continue to build messages and resources that support movements, albeit in a different way. Forward.